by Keita Miki

デザイナー宮下貴裕の手掛けるブランド、TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist.(タカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.)が現地時間1月11日、フローレンスにて、第93回 Pitti Immagine Uomoのゲストデザイナーとして、UNDERCOVER(アンダーカバー)との合同ショーという形式で2018年秋冬コレクションを発表した。








I often ask myself, “will I ever be able to envision an optimistic future like I used to? Or is the utopian future I used to crave now just a mere act of beautiful and transient self-projection reserved only for teenagers who are able to conjure it up by engaging in self-reflection repeatedly?”

The ability to see things through the eyes of others enables me to understand my true self and what I can create and tell. It spurs my creations to the next level and in doing so, I’m able to reimagine and transform a person who has become trapped within the same ‘chord progression’, of their life played over and over again into something different, transporting them from their chaotic status quo – I have committed myself to creating clothes that protect and comfort them from the similar struggles that I myself have had to endure.

Sleeping bags crafted from survival blankets provide comfort to the grey hearts of those trapped in discord. I have refined and evolved my own personal melody,creating a collection that is more authentic and responsive to the monotony that people are subjected to. In doing so, I have created a collection that gives him power to open a new door, to move differently, to experience a new set of chords…

I’ve reimagined classics from a world filled with noise and disarray and created a new wardrobe filled with security, harmony and peace creating something beautiful at the intersection between poetry and chaos.
Cocooned in the new collection, I envision the heart, no longer grey, but beating. I hear the new rhythm of the beat and realize it symbolizes a new me.

I continue my work from afar, creating beautiful thorns to leave for the future.

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